Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seemed like a great idea at the time...

So, this is a craft I did, oh, 13 years ago. My mom found it and thought I should post pictures of my handiwork. So here it is, Mary's Wheel of Fortune.

So basically you just gave this bad boy a spin and then found out what kind of day you would have. Those days included: a bad day, a good day, a good hair day, you'll get a compliment, you'll get in trouble, you'll win a contest and, everyone's favourite, you'll go to the hospital. 9-year-old Mary had no problem getting real apparently. My dad's a carpenter so there was always scrap wood lying around when I was a kid. So I just found this round piece and loosely nailed it to another piece and then went to town with the glitter glue and markers. Absolutely my best work to date.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Mom's Old Activist T-shirt

I found this in my mom's closet one day. She said it was one of her t-shirts from her protesting days in the 80s. I'm pretty sure I started wearing this in an attempt to look a lot cooler than I actually was. I think that was around the same time that my brother and I insisted on going shopping at Value Village and bought a bunch of old t-shirts that we never actually wore. Good phase, that one. Anyways, all of that ended in me making this lovely wall piece.
The t-shirt is actually still intact. I could take it off and wear it again if I really wanted to. All I did was just stretch it over a canvas and tuck all the edges between the wooden frame and canvas. Pretty simple project and an easy, interesting way to decorate your place.

What started out as a badly made scarf...

...turned into quite a lovely cowl!
I started out making a scarf sometime a year and a half ago and quickly realized I had cast on way too many stitches for a scarf. But I didn't really feel like undoing everything or just throwing it away so I just kept going and decided to figure it out later. I don't understand this logic either.
Eventually, a friend of mine suggested that I somehow turn it into a cowl. She had also recently given me some cute wooden buttons as a gift. So, I combined the two and this is what I got. Pretty nice, I'd say. It can also cover your entire face so that's a plus.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Discopants and haircuts!

I made this from a pattern I found on Etsy. My mom's favourite movie is The Blues Brothers so I gave this to her for Christmas. She was excited.
The original design had "We're on a mission from God." underneath but I ran out of time before Christmas so this is what I got. I was planning on putting "Discopants and haircuts!" (my mom's favourite line) in it's place but that would have taken just as much time.
There really isn't anything rude or dainty about this particular craft of mine, I'm just impressed with how well it turned out.

Let's start off with some straight sass

This is a lovely design I created for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. It's my favourite expression of his.
I designed and created this in a day. Kind of wish I had brought some kind of high heel aspect into the design but I think it turned out pretty nice.
If you aren't quite sure what this expression means, here it is used in a sentence:

"Is Mary McDonald dainty?"
"Oh I don't know...does a bitch wear heels?! She's only the daintiest around!"

Just like that. Now that you know it, you'll probably use it a lot. Like, I'm talkin' twice a day. Twice a freakin' day.