Sunday, March 20, 2011

"$40? Don't buy that! I will make it for you myself! I promise!" - Mary McDonald making a promise she has no intention of keeping

Really? An elastic waistband, UO?
It's like you're not even trying.
 The above quote is something I say on most shopping trips I go on. I pretty much never follow through on this promise because a.) I usually forget that I promised you anything immediately after promising it/don't want to make you anything and pretend to forget the promise and b.) I am usually exaggerating the truth and could not, in fact, make that item myself. But once in a while, I follow through on this promise. Only when I make the promise to myself, and only when the item in question comes from Urban Outfitters. A company that knows that really cool people love the idea of second hand a lot more than they love digging through smelly racks of second hand clothing. They capitalize on this by creating their "Urban Renewal" pieces. And by "Urban Renewal" they mean, "Let's buy a bunch of shitty old clothes for cheap, wash the stink out of them, gussy 'em up a bit and sell them for a %600 profit." It's genious. It really is. But I actually own a sewing machine, UO. And I can recreate most things you sell in a few hours.
So I took this skirt, which would have cost me $40 and made it for $3. Literally $3.
It wasn't even hard. If you have a basic knowledge of sewing and own a sewing machine, you can easily whip one of these off in an afternoon.
You just take a large or XL men's shirt, depending on your size and how full of a skirt you want. I used an XL shirt and I ended up with a pretty full skirt. 
Then you cut straight across the shirt from armpit to armpit (you may have to remove pockets). The bottom part will be the skirt.
Use some of the rest of the shirt to make a waistband and sew one of the existing buttons and buttonholes to the waistband so you don't have to make a new buttonhole (it truly is the worst part of sewing).
Then, gather the skirt as much as you need to and sew it to the waistband and you are done!
Cheapest skirt I have ever owned. The best.


  1. That is so great that you made this! I always get so annoyed when I'm at UO and see their overpriced used clothing. I always think 'hey I could make that' and never do. Nice job following through.

  2. Definitely follow through next time. I'm pretty sure I could make 85% of their merchandise myself. Glad you enjoyed it!