Monday, March 26, 2012

A Chaise for my Chat (That's Cat in French)

I had some free time yesterday and a whole bunch of cardboard boxes still hanging around from my move a month and a half ago. So I decided I should make something for my wonderful, lovely Nikki. I put in a Google search of "cardboard cat houses" and here we are. A kitty chaise.
This is something I did. This is something I spent a good 3 hours on. So, that gives you a good window into my life, if you wanted to know more about me.
But seriously, Nikki is loving it. She's lounging all over this chaise. I also put catnip on it for the photo above. That's why she's licking it and looking out of her mind. I decided it needed to be more luxurious and added her favourite purple pillow.
And I have just now realized that my cat has a chaise lounge and I do not. This is the worst. Oh well. If you would like to make your own kitty chaise here's the tutorial that I used. Make it! Your cat will be able to lounge and sleep all day even more than they already do!

1 comment:

  1. You might have to steal Mormor & Poppa's chaise...cuz if Nikki's got a chaise, you should too.