Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maximum Dress for Maximum Fun (It's a maxi dress)

I made my first maxi dress! I'm pretty excited about it. I saw this awesome tutorial by Sweet Verbena and knew it was time for me to own a dress that goes past my knees. I followed her tutorial pretty closely, except I used rayon in place of jersey. I just couldn't find a jersey that I liked but I fell in love with this mustard yellow, almost brown rayon so I just got that instead and hoped for the best. I'm really happy with the results. And I feel like the fabric choice makes it more versatile if I want to dress it up. Here I am working it on the toilet.
This will definitely help me get through the hot, humid Toronto summer that I despise so much. On days when I simply can't wear pants but also just can't bring myself to shave, this is what I'm wearing. Let's all just pretend that I didn't just make this solely for the purpose of shaving less.

Here's another way to wear it with the sleeves rolled right up. I kind of like this look better. Though I feel like in the first look I look just a little bit like a jedi. Right? No? Okay.

I am just smizing till the cows come home, that's what I'm doing. Oh, and I don't know if you noticed but I've accessorized this look with thick wool socks because it's about 13 degrees in my house and it's a miracle I'm wearing anything but flannel pyjamas. I've also paired it with a skinny brown belt that I believe I got at H&M and a lovely acorn necklace from Bad Sparkle. She's great! You should check out her shop!

Also, I was too lazy to line it so fingers crossed that it's not see through. Make one for yourself! It's basically a big sack with holes cut in it for you arms and head. I know it looks really nice in these pictures but without the belt it's like muumuu city over here. Meaning that anyone can make it. Do it!

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