Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perks of Being a Hoarder

Now, hoarding has gotten a pretty bad rap in the past few years but frankly, as a mild hoarder myself, I'm starting to see the pros of keeping a bunch of shit lying around that you'll probably never use. (I also recently watched Grey Gardens. Some of the best hoarding I've ever seen! "This is the best outfit for the day!")
Anyways, I have actually gotten a lot better with my hoarding in recent years mostly due to moving around and not wanting to bring all the hoarded crap with me. But I do still hoard clothes like nobodies business. 'Cause you just never know when you're gonna wake up one day and suddenly love that Chester Fried Chicken shirt you inexplicably bought 6 years ago and have never worn.
Moving on, I found out recently that it's going to be an extremely hot summer here in T.O. I hate the heat. I really do. And I realized that I only own one pair of shorts and they really don't even go with very many things. So the race was on to find shorts before the heat hit. It was also particularly crucial that I find shorts quickly because I am going to be working in a bakery all summer and...shit's 'bout to get sweaty.

So I dug into my closet and found about 3 pairs of jeans that I'm pretty sure I've had since I was 16 and haven't worn since I was 18 and decided to get crafty. And 20 minutes later I had 2 new pairs of shorts for the summer. One longer pair for work so I don't somehow spill hot soup down my entire leg.
And a shorter pair for my days off when I want that little bit more thigh to see the sun. Because clearly, by the colour of my legs, you can tell I'm a real sun worshipper. Whatever guys, it's gonna be hot! Make yourself some cut offs stat!

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